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FRSMoney 2.0.0-財務管理軟件
FRSMoney 是一款簡單小巧的財務管理軟件,幫助您跟蹤您的金融交易為您的支票,儲蓄,信用卡等帳戶,用戶可以添加、修改和查詢個人的收入和支出。

File size: 4.9 MB
FRSMoney helps you keep track of your financial transactions in your various accounts.

Data entry is very intuitive.
Any account type is supported.
Integrated Documentation Center for quick access to supplemental application information.
Native 64-bit version now available.

Whats New:
The settings data file could get corrupted when the application was running when the computer was being shut down or rebooted.
When the main window ledger refreshed, the transaction that had the focus wasn't receiving the focus again.
When pasting from the Windows Clipboard and the grid added rows, the new rows' dates were not correct if a date-range filter was set.
The wrong initial date was set when adding a transaction or duplicating a transaction when a date-range filter was set.
Changing the transactions date caused it to be moved to the wrong location within the ledger sometimes.
The main window ledger always showed the "Check #" column, but that is not appropriate for some account types.
Checking the "Settings | Show Receipt File Column" menu command caused the column to always be added as the last column.
The usage count for category entries wasn't always updated, and thus could be wrong (count is reset once the upgrade is applied).
The name of a highlighting setting could be corrupted.
The "Categories Summary" report didn't, initially, show the correct values if a date-range filter was set.
The "Account Summary" report didn't show a minus sign in front of the account's value when it is a liability (the values were correct).
The F11 keyboard shortcut for toggling the full-screen mode didn't work.
Fixed typos in the statusbar texts shown on the left-hand side, and in the Documentation Center texts.
The "Calendar Special Dates" window when editing a Personalized entry didn't acknowledge the selection of the month.
The Easter-related dot colors in the calendars wasn't set right, and didn't respond to color-selection changes.
The "Accounts Information" window has been completely redesigned, to better show relevant data based on account type selection.
The "Settings | Show Receipt File Column" setting is now associated with each account, rather than an application-wide setting.
"Account | Information..." menu command was renamed to "Account | Update..."
The main window ledger always created an opening balance initial transaction, but that is not appropriate for some account types.